2017 Show

Our 2017 Show and Sale took place on May 6 and 7, 2017. It was a resounding success as demonstrated by these Show statistics:

► Cactus entered in show: 89
► Other succulents: 282
► Planters: 9
► Dish gardens: 3
► Bonsai: 3
► Nature’s container: 8
► Living composition: 6
► Public attendance: 1,694 people passed through our gate!

The Best in Show awards went to the following exhibitors:

                                        2017 Best in Show Awards




Best Plant in Show Pachypodium succulentum Peter Walkowiak

Best Cactus Advanced

Melocactus glaucescens Penny Newell

Best Succulent Advanced

Petopentia natalensis Keith Taylor

Best Cactus Open

Astrophytum digitostigma c-medusae Bloss Family

Best Succulent Open

Pachypodium succulentum Peter Walkowiak

Best Cactus Novice

Tephrocactus geometricus Oanh Vu

Best Succulent Novice

Sarcocaulon herrrei Jennifer Haley

Best Cactus Junior


Best Succulent Junior


Best Cereus

Stenocereus hollianus crest Oksun Avery

Best Dish Garden

  Peter Beiersdorfer

Best Planter

  Donna Taylor

Best Opuntia

Puna clavarioides Elton Roberts

Best Euphorbia

Euphorbia unispina Bloss Family

Best Caudiciform

Ipomoea platensis Peter Walkowiak

Best Miniature Succulent

Dorstenia sp. Penny Newell

Best Mammillaria

Mammillaria melaleuca Peter Walkowiak

Best Ferocactus


Best Aloe

Aloe pearsonii Penny Newell

Best Agave

Agave kichiokan marginata George Avery
Best Crassula Crassula barklyi Peter Beiersdorfer
Best Ariocarpus Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus Bloss Family
Best Gymnocalycium Gymnocalycium bayrianum Bloss Family
Best Haworthia Haworthia reinwardtii Oksun Avery
Best Madagascan Succulent Uncarina roeoesliana Peter Walkowiak
Best Crest (Cactus or Succulent) Euphorbia lactea Dennis Ragasa
Best Rebutia Rebutia heliosa Penny Newell
Best Cactus Collection Not awarded  
Best Succulent Collection Euphorbia Peter Beiersdorfer
Best Miniature Cactus Mammillaria blossfeldiana Marilynn Vilas
Best Copiapoa Copiapoa cinerea v. columna-alba Penny Newell
Best Mesemb Dinteranthus pole-evansii Bloss Family
Best Sansevieria Sansevieria pinguicula JoEllen Arnold
Best Variegate (Cactus/Succulent) Agave victoria-regina alba David Calibro
Best Notocactus None  
Best Bulb Albuca spiralis Peter Beiersdorfer